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Sh.Ch.Afterglow Hashtag Scandal at Bessalone wins his 30th CC & BOB yesterday at GBAS. At just 5 years old he is now the breeds new male record holder. Go team Bessalone ! Just a few photographs of successes and laughs along the way


Sh.Ch.& Ir.Sh.Ch.Afterglow Hashtag Scandal at Bessalone JW ShCM CW16 was Top Spinone in 2018 further great news that in the ‘Our Dogs’ Top Puppy Competition our new import from the USA, Spinfandel World Was Wide Enough with Bessalone was joint Top Puppy in Breed for the year.


And Gundog Breeds of Scotland TOP DOG 2017 IS SIDDLY DIDDLY- Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal at Bessalone JW





















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