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There are several people that make up the awesomeness that is Team Bessalone!

We have our “Chief” Mr David Shields, he can often be found mulling over judging decision at a ring side or walking his Gsp “Girlies” or more than likely having a walk around a show with his best buddy Siddly Diddly (Sid)

For anything German Shorthaird Pointer, Italian Spinone, Border Terrier or any Gundog/Terrier group breed Mr Shields is a sea of Knowledge.

Then we have Irene the “Third in Charge” i say the third because irene manages to balance The Motherhood’s need to feel in charge with actually being slightly more in charge herself (it’s a fine balance!) Irene also brings a vast knowledge of Gundogs, Terriers and hound breeds having herself owned a varied aray of dogs to great success.

Next up is “The Motherhood” Sue who has the “boys” at her house. She brings 30 odd years of Gsp owning to the table and now owns Spins to boot. She believes she is the “boss” of the team and well we let her believe she is for our own peace.

Then there is Lindsey Malcolm who has the girls at her house and has owned Spinone for a number of years. She and myself Sally go by the “Kennel Maids” of the team as we are usually the ones cleaning or grooming or walking the dogs (We are more than happy with this)

Together we are like a little Superhero league…. As we’ve had some amazing highs and some sad lows but we stick at it through thick and thin….

To contact us about litters or Stud enquires please don’t hesitate…. — 07914430918 — 07774973723 — 07782315028

Sue Knowles

07914 430918


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