Pru- Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp n Smart at Bessalone

At Cloghran Show Princess Pru’s (Sh Ch. Irsh Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp N Smart at Bessalone JW Sh CM CW16h turn and she didn’t let us down by winning her Champion Class and the Bitch Reserve Green star

Lovely win at Leeds for Pru. She was awarded the Bitch CC

Pru was Best of Breed at Northern Hunt Point Retrieve

C.onfirmation from IKC that Sh.Ch.Wilholme Sharp’n’Smart at Bessalone JW ShCM CW16 now can add Ir.Sh.Ch. to her other titles


Pru was a star at Bulldog Breeds Championship Show-Sh.Ch.Wilholme Sharp ‘n’ Smart at Bessalone won her 7th Green Star so is now also a Irish Sh.Ch. Subject to IKC confirmation and also took BOB.


Super results Gundog Society of Wales 2017    Pru- 2nd in Open Bitch under Mrs V Grant.

At Nidderdale Show Pru won the Open Bitch Stakes under Mr John Thirlwell
At Carlow Pru (Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp n Smart at Bessalone JW Sh CM) won the Champion Bitch Class and the Green Star and Reserve Best of Breed 
Beautiful picture of Pru taken at Blackpool


Princess Pru (Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp N Smart at Bessalone JW. Sh Cm) won Best of Breed  at Waverley Gundog and was shortlisted in Best in Show.

Pru was awarded a super second in Open Bitch at Gundog Society of Wales


What a absolutely awesome weekend we have had!!!! At Paignton & District Association Championship Show! PRINCESS PRU (Wilholme Sharp n Smart at Bessalone) went and won Open bitch and the Bitch Challenge Certificate, meaning she won her 3rd CC so she is now SHOW CHAMPION PRINCESS PRU!!!!! (SH CH Wilholme Sharp n Smart at Bessalone)!!!! WOOHOO!!! 


Thank you to Mr & Mrs Mackay for pru’s 1st and 2nd tickets and of course Mr M Armstrong for Pru’s 3rd and Siddly 7th!!!!