Dedicated to those animals that have wrapped their tails around out hearts.


28/02/2006 – 4/08/17 (Kevardu Trevy With Bessalone) On Friday morning we heart wrenchingly made a horrible decision to say Goodbye to our very first Spinone, Calli was more than just a Spinone/dog to us he was a member of our family, he was and will forever remain known by many many names to us but a special one will always be “BooBoo Bear” by his bestest of friends Baron(Kieron). Kieron and Calli had an undeniable and unbreakable bond up until the end. Anyone who ever met Calli instantly fell in love with him and like we did the breed itself. He was a character and sneakiest food thief I have ever had the honour, pleasure and joy of living with…. Calli will be forever in our hearts and minds from his napping with the Motherhood on the Sofa or snuggling in bed with Kieron or his humping of Lindsey when ever she visited… He never failed to cheer us all up… So Thank You Calli for the greatest gift you could have ever given us… You. 💔

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